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Mission Protecting The Eastern
Gulf Test And Training Range

The Eastern Gulf Test and Training Range (aka Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range, EGTTR) is the largest military test and training range in the continental United States; a national asset.

The EGTTR connects test & training capabilities across the eastern Gulf of Mexico extending from Key West to Northwest Florida with 180,000 square miles of DoD-controlled air space and 17 miles of shoreline access providing littoral transition areas and interconnected radars. It is managed by Eglin AFB to support the research, development, test, and evaluation of conventional weapons and electronic systems. Dedicated areas within the range are sub-managed by respective military partners.  The EGTTR supports multiple users, including DoD, other government agencies, foreign countries, and private companies.

"Unparalleled training of our joint forces and testing of state-of-the-art equipment."

Live, virtual, and constructive environment to support training, testing exercising and experimentation for our national defense.

The EGTTR, the largest test and training range in the continental United States, is identified by Department of Defense Directive as a national asset that cannot be replicated anywhere in the U.S. Federal policies have protected the Eastern Gulf of Mexico by restricting oil and natural gas drilling and exploration since 1983 with a buffer zone; now defined by the Military Mission Line established in 2006. This mandated north-south Military Mission Line protects the EGTTR from encroachment of activities incompatible with military missions. Oil drilling structures and associated exploratory activities, and wind turbine infrastructure east of the MML would be incompatible with military activities, negatively impact our military’s readiness and compromise our nation’s military superiority.

Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range