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Mission Initiatives

As an issues-focused advocacy group, the DSI interfaces at local, state, and Federal levels on topics of local and national interest.

As applicable background information and position papers on specific items are developed and shared with Congressional Delegation, Pentagon staff, and Tallahassee leaders. Collaborative initiatives are engaged through partnerships with entities such as the Florida Defense Alliance and the Florida Defense Support Task Force.


Position Papers  |  Brochures  |  Military Readiness  |   Fact Sheets

Position Papers

DSI Federal Legislative Point-Paper 2022

DoD’s effectiveness and survivability in near-real-world combat conditions is dependent on military readiness capabilities, capacity and support infrastructure vital to complex training and execution situations ensuring our nation’s security against adversaries; today and tomorrow. 

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2021 MML Position Paper

The EGTTR, the largest test and training range in the continental United States, is identified by Department of Defense Directive as a national asset that cannot be replicated anywhere in the U.S.

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DSI Offshore Drilling Letter to the Editor 2018

Letter to the Editor of the Northwest Florida Daily News on Eastern Gulf Drilling Threatening National Security.

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Gulf Range Enhancement Position Paper

Range Solutions for Next Generation Air Armament Test and Training in The Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range.

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Southeast Range Complex Concept 2016

The DSI fully supports the concept of a Southeast Range Complex Cooperative to provide a strategic plan for increased mission coordination and synchronization among military services. Increased coordination and synchronized efforts are required to enable long-range test and training and joint-service collaboration

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NWFL Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling Regional Position Package 2010

This packet provides 12 resolutions and proclamations from the Northwest Florida region supporting these protective policies and opposing activity in the Gulf of Mexico that would adversely affect the military missions and economic health of the region.

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DSI 2021 Brochure

The Economic Development Council of Okaloosa County (EDC) originated the Defense Support Initiatives Committee in 1996 to focus on supporting and maintaining the Eglin Test and Training Complex and existing missions.

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2021 EGTTR MML Brochure

The GTTR provides unique capabilities to test, train with, and evaluate high-altitude supersonic air combat training, air-to-air missile testing, drone targeting, hypersonic weapons testing, space launches/landings, and other activities.

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2021 Legislative Summary Brochure

The complexity of future warfare drives the need for more advanced infrastructure and weapon systems that operate at the speed necessary; adapt to situations in a complex, multi-domain environment; and/or perform multiple roles while executing primary missions. 

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Military Readiness

Preserving Military Readiness in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

The eastern Gulf of Mexico (EGO MEX) is an irreplaceable national asset used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop and maintain the readiness of our combat forces and is critical to achieving the objectives contained in the 2018 National Defense Strategy.

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Eastern Gulf Military Readiness Oceana 2019

Protecting Florida’s Gulf Coast from offshore drilling preserves military readiness.

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